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ARTIST STATEMENT                                                 


Glass, Glass, Glass! What else can I say! Glass is my ultimate artistic medium. Self sufficient when it’s blown, it can transform it self when it’s in relation with another medium and can be presented in many other form. Mixing medium and techniques is essential for my visual language.

Nature is my principal inspiration. In fact, the four elements of nature, water, earth, wind and fire are generally the focus of my work. Colors and textures are principally chosen in the wonderful under water world. Human emotions and feelings put side by side with nature’s elements are never ending sources of motivation and guidance in my work.

I’m really into textures contrasts, like between a full shiny space and an organic empty space. Representing a form’s Transformation as well as its fragility, linearity, and organic movements are the essence of my work.

Glass, a result of sand and fire, is without a doubt the perfect medium for me.