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CORALY GLASS DESIGN (Mandate)                        


As a business, Coraly Glass Design is represented by funky style, mixing sixties inspirations as well as the underwater world, with of course, modern, up-to-date, fashion and design. Carolyne’s art is made to light up your everyday life, while letting your imaginations run free. By choosing a sea themed color pallet, her work is dominated by abstract textures and shapes. Her work allows us to discover the underwater world, not only for its aesthetics but also because of its vitality in the circle of life. Especially with her water drops, she wishes to remind us of its importance and of its endangerment.

For the business part, she loves to exchange with her clients directly. Her goal is to make everyone know the existence of glass made in the province of Quebec. While encouraging the Made in Quebec label, as for emerging music, cinema, food, fashion, fine arts and crafts, she is determined to call upon her clients to do the same. It just feels good to know that we are supporting our local economy.

She loves to explain the diverse and hard to control glass techniques. Seeing the twinkle in children and clients eyes, while they are looking at her art, is a special moment for her! She thinks that everybody should have a special object that makes them dream, get away and feel good. Coraly Glass Design wants to let you travel through time, under the sea, while lighting up your life with powerful colors!